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The United States Government is the ultimate governing body making rules and regulations regarding immigration laws. The Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) and the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) list the immigration rules of the United States. There are different ways foreign nationals can immigrate to the United States, of course subject to some restrictions and proper filing of paperwork with the United States Immigration and Naturalization Service and with proper consulate offices.

Foreign nationals can immigrate to the United States based on family or relative petition, marriage to a US Citizen, family unity and other basis of family immigration. They can also immigrate to the United States based on employment based petition where the foreign nationals are allowed to enter the United States to work for the specific sponsor / employer who initiated the employment based petition.

Foreign nationals can also enter the United States for temporary periods of stay based on particular nonimmigrant visa types rather than stay in the United States permanently. The foreign national can enter the United States temporarily to visit for business related reasons (B-1), visit for tourism and pleasure (B-2), participate in exchange programs (J-1), go to school as a student (F-1) or a vocational student (M-1), work temporarily for a sponsoring employer (H-1B) or be transferred as an employee from a foreign company to its affiliate or branch company in the United States (L-1A or L-1B). There are many additional visas available for temporary stay in the United States such as for entertainers (O & P), traders (E-1) and investors (E-2).

Foreign nationals are seldom apprehended by the immigration enforcement officers and personnel for violating the immigration rules and regulations during their stay in the United States legally or illegally. They might be questioned for violating their legal status in the United States by overstaying their status in the United States. Many illegal foreign nationals as well as permanent residents in the United States are also being put in removal proceedings for committing crimes in the United States or for being found inadmissible at the time of their original entry to the United States. There are multiple forms of relief and waivers available to cases in removal proceedings. However, every case is different based on its particular facts and need to be carefully analyzed by an attorney for proper solutions to each client's immigration matter.

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